One of the most exciting things that a child of God can be part of is telling someone about Jesus. 
This can and should happen locally, regionally, nationally and globally.
trindad church
July 28 – August 5
SWIBA is partnering with Culture Waves Global  and The Evangelical Church of the West Indies for this trip. Pastor Errol Bedase is a church planter at this church located in a very poor area called Brazil Village.  Over the past three years, the church has grown from nothing to nearly 40 in attendance.  Our teams will be conducting VBS, outreach and evangelism projects, as well as some preaching and teaching at the church.
October 27 to November 4

Our team will be completing some light construction projects at the church.  It may include landscaping, painting, laying ceramic tile, hanging drywall, etc.

Trinidad Information
Language: English
Religion: Very diverse (Christian, Hindu, Muslim, etc.)
Population: 1.3 Million
Money: TT Dollars
(Conversion – $1 USD to $6
trinidad ocean
$1950 (SWIBA members only) per person with double occupancy. This covers  all costs associated with the trip (airfare, lodging, transportation, and all meals).
SWIBA members are eligible for scholarships up to $200.00 for international mission trips.  Funds are available on a first come, first serve basis.
pastor bedase
Our partners in Trinidad are Pastor Errol and Savitri Bedase. Errol has been a pastor for decades.  He is currently replanting a church called The Evangelical Church of the West Indies.  It is located in a rural area called Brazil Village in Trinidad. The church closed some years prior He is in his third year and the church has grown to approximately 35 members.