Encounter is a college ministry at USI. We want students to encounter the beauty of the gospel, equip them with God’s Word, and eject them out into the world as ambassadors of Christ.


Our mission is to be faithful to God’s word in everything that we do. Success or growth is not dependent on the amount of students that we get involved in Encounter. Success is defined by our faithfulness to the demands of Christ without any compromise to that end.

Through our mission, we also desire to provide an environment of rich community on the campus of USI. We want students impacting students with the love of Christ that forms gospel centered friendship that are long lasting beyond the grounds of USI.

Our hope and prayer is that first God would bring USI students to faith in Christ Jesus through the bold gospel proclamation of Encounter. Second, we will strive to bring those students to a point of maturity in the faith by faithfully teaching the word of God at all times. Finally, we will send our students equipped and ready to be ministers of the gospel in our Baptist churches here and abroad.

Encountering the person of Christ … Equipping with the Word of God … Ejecting out ambassadors of Christ to the world.



Today’s students at USI are tomorrow’s world leaders. Imagine the earth shattering impact for the Kingdom of Christ if everyone of the 10 thousand college students at USI had an opportunity to encounter the beauty of Christ, be equipped to disciple others through God’s Word, and ejected out into the every sector of the world as ambassadors of Christ. It is our goal to work to that end. 

Come see how you can be a part of God’s grand story on Tuesday at 7pm at UC 2207.