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What is Church Planting?

Church planting is the Biblical process of establishing Bible-believing congregations in un-churched or under-churched communities. The book of Acts describes gathering new believers into vibrant communities of faith. They share life together through worship, ministry, fellowship, discipleship and evangelizing the lost. Church planting is about multiplication for the Kingdom of God. It is God-centered and God-dependent and requires prayer, spiritual understanding, engaging the culture, sharing the gospel, and developing leaders.


Why Plant Churches?

Eighty-percent of Indiana’s 6.6 million people are unchurched. They need Jesus and are looking for hope in a troubled world. They may not respond to invitations from an established church. Church planting is one of the most effective evangelistic strategies for reaching unchurched people. New church plants often target people who don’t have a Bible-based church in their location, language group, or affinity group.


High Priority Areas

New churches must be planted throughout our Southwestern region in Indiana, but here are some areas of greatest urgency:

  • Gibson County-population 33,612
  • Perry population 45,562
  • Posey population 25,486
  • Warrick population 61,049


More about Our Story

Visit for demographics about the above high priority areas, or request a free Percepts Study from our Church Planting Catalyst. See issues of the Indiana Baptist at for updates about what God is doing through Hoosier planters.


What We Offer Planters

Indiana Baptists are pacesetters in the Midwest when it comes to church planting. When you join our church planting team, you will enjoy the best in training and support for your family/core team:

  • A thorough and encouraging Assessment Event to evaluate your readiness for planting, and to design your development plan.
  • NAMB funding (based on Indiana Assessment Event results), sponsoring churches and associations to help support your work.
  • Basic Training to sharpen your ministry skills.
  • Church Planting Centers for (in class or online) ongoing networking with fellow church planters and leaders in the field of planting.
  • Monthly coaching with trained coaches to help you clarify and arrive at the goals God has for your personal and ministry life.

What’s the Next Step?

Contact the Church Planting Catalyst for a Vision Tour of the Priority Area you are interested in, or to find out how you can start the assessment process.